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4 simple tricks to make small room seem bigger by using lighting

Simple tricks to make small room seem bigger by using lighting

Lately, but especially during quarantine, a lot of people started to put more effort into building comfortable and productivity-inducing spaces to help them work from home. “I want to start, but what if my room doesn’t have that much space, to begin with?” Although a small-spaced room can be quite hard to improve, it can be easily elevated with the help of a few lighting tricks that we’ll explain more below!

If you happen to have a few or more windows in your space, try to maximize natural light! With the help of natural light’s intense brightness and wide light source from your window, your space will look more spacious. So don’t be afraid to keep your window shutter open and enjoy the energy of the sunlight in your room.

Try backlighting. Backlighting is a trick where you put a light source behind an object. Using backlighting in your room’s furniture will create an illusion of depth in your furniture, thus adding dimension to the space. You can use backlighting on bedheads, mirrors, shelves, and TV screens.

Give some light inside your shelves and wardrobes. Those small yet dark corners of your space will make your room seem smaller. One of the best ways to eliminate it is by using an LED strip or small downlight inside your wardrobes and shelves, which will brighten your dark spaces and also will be a good space to showcase your favorite pieces in the room!

Use compact and recessed lighting fixtures. Or another way to say it, keep your ceiling clean! This trick would help you accentuate the wide space on your ceiling to build the illusion of a wide, spacey room. Try to avoid using big centerpiece lighting and surface-mounted lighting fixtures as they will crowd your little space even more.

So, these are the small tricks you could do to make your small room seem bigger! Every room is built differently so don’t be afraid to add your twist based on your space and your preference. If you need more advanced, professional support, you can always reach out to the Blox team to help you design, supply, and install your lighting needs.

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