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Create a Fun and Functional Kids Room Lighting

Create a Fun and Functional Kids Room Lighting

The kid’s room is one of the most important rooms in the house that we need to plan and get right. Many things to consider of course, such as safety, and practicality, but also we need to make it such a way so it contributes to the atmosphere of the room.

What NOT to do in a kids’ room.

The first thing we need to make sure of is the safety factor, we don’t want the electrical devices to be too dangerous to be grabbed, or pulled and be hazardous to the kid. So use plastic, wood, or other materials, not glass or pottery. Other than that, any cables or switches need to be secured or built-in into the walls or tables so it’s well covered.

Be Creative and use their favorite colors or their favorite figures like animals or superheroes for the shape of the light fixture. Using pendant lights that have unique shapes as the main ambient light, will be a powerful piece in the bedroom that will create a powerful ambient.

Other than that, task lighting can also be incorporated into the space by using table lamps for their study or drawing, or even for the reading time before bed.

Don’t forget to get a night light for the little ones if they want to go to the bathroom or if they can’t sleep with all the lights off. A night light can be used instead of turning on all the lights and making the room very bright.

The most important thing about kids’ room lighting is making sure that the kid is comfortable and making sure there’s no safety hazard in the room.

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