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Smart Lighting – What Is It and Should I Get Into It?

What Smart Lighting Is and How to Get Into It

The addition of the word “smart” is everywhere now. Smartphones, smart TV, smart speakers, and with no exception, smart lighting. But really, what does it do and what does it add to our daily lives?

On the very basis, smart lighting is a lighting technology designed for energy efficiency, convenience, and security. Instead of the old-fashioned way of getting out of the couch and switching on and off the lights in your house, the lights itself connected to us through remote control and the current condition of the house via different kinds of tools and sensors, such as motion-sensing, daylight-sensing, built-in timer, and certain apps from your phone.

By using smart lighting, you can save more energy because the lights can be turned off remotely (even if you forgot to turn off the lights when you’re already leaving) or automatically when it’s no longer in use. With smart lighting, you can also change the light’s hue according to your current need of the day. Whether it’s warm dim lights for dinner time, or cold bright lights to accompany your working hours, you can get both in one bulb with one simple touch. If you want to go to the next level, there are also smart lighting systems that can automatically sync their hues and intensity with the movies you watch or games you play to build a more immersive home entertainment experience!

Lastly, smart lighting has been adding a lot to home security. Such preventative measures include automatically adjusting the lighting when a household is away to make it appear as though there are occupants in the house can be a small yet helping effort to keep you safe.

With a relatively small cost compared to other smart home gadgets, smart lighting has its tangible benefits with fewer privacy data risks like a smart speaker that hears your conversation all day. Smart lighting can be installed elaborately in your house, or also by simply changing your old light bulb into a smart bulb. So, if you think it’s for you, go ahead and give smart lighting a try!

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