How Lighting Sets Perceptions in a Space
By BLOX, March 17th, 2020
How Lighting Sets Perceptions in a Space

How Lighting Sets Perceptions in a Space

Light speaks to us. Using a language of its own, it elicits emotions, creates atmospheres and affects the way we perceive the world. Having an understanding of how light mingles with form can significantly aid storytelling in most types of art.

Three key components of lighting that affect stories and elicit emotions:

1. Colours of light

Artificial light alters how we discern colour. For instance, a standard incandescent bulb will make everything look ‘warm’, similar to sunrise or sunset. While LED bulbs can emit a much cooler light, close to an afternoon outdoors.

Figure 1. Warm White LED, Day Light LED, Cool White LED colors


2. Positioning of light

Moving a light source just a few feet in any direction can dramatically alter an image. The positioning of the light determines the shadow placement, and it interacts with forms.

Figure 2. Position of lights dramatizes the objects


3. Intensity of light

Light exaggerates or softens the angles of a subject according to its intensity. Direct light often creates dark, crisp shadows, which creator can use to add power, mystery, and drama to an image. To create a softer vibe, the light often must be diffused.

Figure 3. Different intensity of light sources using different lenses

Source: Luminit

So there are a few factors that helps to determine the perception of a space. Whether user wants to achieve a calm and relaxing effect, or certain ambience is used to increase productivity.

In simple application, poor lighting can give a sense of dirtiness that hides how clean and modern the room is. In contrast, the right lighting can give your room a cleaner look, up to date, and cozy to mingle around that space.

Figure 4. Enough brightness in the hotel room and consistency of color temperature

gives a clean feeling, while darker and lighting color inconsistency gives a cold and dingy feel

Figure 5. Night Club Lighting that energizes mood VS High-end Hotel Bar and Restaurant

Setting the right ambience is crucial – and lighting is the key to this. A calm and relaxing atmosphere that makes clients feel warm and at ease may best be achieved with more ‘warm’ lighting effects, while colourful set of lights could be used to achieve a more fun and organic setting for the visitors.

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