How to Create Great Ambiance for Instagram Live or Zoom call with Lighting
By BLOX, October 19th, 2020
How to Create Great Ambiance for Instagram Live or Zoom call with Lighting
From creating a nice selfie video to your back-to-back Zoom meetings, good lighting can elevate your presence a lot! A clear view of the person they’re talking to, or a quality look of an object, could really mean a lot to the person on the other screen. After all, like they said, your presence IS the present, so here are a few tips to make good lighting for Instagram live video or video calls. 
  1. Get enough uniform lighting. Which means, avoid concentrated lighting on just one part of the room. The camera will adjust the brightness of the video based on the brightest part of the room, and if it’s not placed in the right direction it can make the rest of the video seem darker. So get an equally bright lighting for your room for a better video!



  1. Eliminate any backlight. Make sure you or the object you’re trying to show is in front the light instead of against the light. If you’re against the light, your camera will adjust the brightness to your background, making your face even darker, so avoid backlights!


  1. Use natural sunlight as much as you can! Natural sunlight provides good uniform lighting, just make sure it’s facing your direction and doesn’t give too much glare on your eyes.


Image: Harris

  1. Direct the light from above your face. Lighting angles really matters a lot, so choose a good direction or angles for your lighting that you think could give justice to what you’re trying to show. Avoid direct light from below your face because it will create an unflattering shadow, unless you’re hosting a halloween themed meeting. 


  1. If possible, use multiple sources of light to eliminate shadow as much as possible. Shadows could create depth on photos, but for videos you’re gonna move around and it’ll make your camera adjust the brightness, so try using multiple lights from different angles to avoid unflattering shadows. 

Image: ASL grup

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