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The new way of providing valuable solutions from design, creating plan, finding references, lighting layout, and showing portfolio.
Whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiast, BloxLimited offers the perfect tools to make your lighting dreams a reality.
Upload the your blueprint or just use our blueprint that we provide, and explore our features and light effect for your project
We collaborate with Lighting Designers who can assist to giving lighting solutions, and also we partnered with reputable lighting manufactures.
Playground is a freemium platform accessible to everyone for crafting lighting designs. For additional features and enhanced experiences, consider opting for a subscription.
Lighting Platform Tools
We encompass a variety of function such as light effects, lumen suggestion, and product best fitted for your room. These tools enable centralized management, visualization, and optimization of lighting systems.
Dive into our extensive library of lighting fixtures, styles, and arrangements. Whether you seek contemporary elegance or vintage charm, you'll find the perfect match for every project.

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Modern and Aesthetic Workroom
2700K - 3000K Colour Temperature
Versatile and Luxury style for Study or Home Office
3000K Colour Temperature
Proper Facade Lighting to upscale your house look
3000K Colour Temperature
Cuddly and Warmish ​Room for Kids
Colour Temperature
Enhance your bedroom to achieve a rustic look
3000K Colour Temperature
Minimalist lighting effect for Living Room
3000K Colour Temperature
Flashing and Elegant Dressing Room
3000K Colour Temperature
Modern Luxurious Dressing Room
3000K Colour Temperature
Muhammad Abdurrahman Al Jauzy
Discovering this lighting design platform has been a game-changer for my projects! The intuitive interface and vast selection of lighting fixtures allow me to bring my vision to life effortlessly
As someone who loves to personalize their living space, this lighting design platform has been a fantastic find. It helped me visualize different lighting setups for each room, ensuring the perfect ambiance
It has significantly streamlined the design process, enabling me to create stunning and functional spaces for myself.
This platform has become my go-to resource for creating captivating atmospheres for kitchen, bedroom, and my living room
The wide selection of fixtures and the ability to experiment with different combinations have allowed me to unleash my creativity
The new way of providing valuable solutions from design, products search, supply chain, installation services and lighting subscription.
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